Making Space

from by FG

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This is one of two tracks that I wrote without a beat (the other one was Dig). Interestingly, both of the tunes are structurally similar. Each verse progresses from a motif. In this case, the motif is an attempt to characterise the morning, midday and evening through reference to a classic break. came along later with the beat and the two just worked together. I like it when that happens.


Like the Skull Snaps, it's a new day,
Laying awake but I'm dreaming of breaks,
Pushing the sleep from my eyes as I rise,
Forget the TV. I've got no time for lies.
Coz time flies and the next you know,
You're reminiscing living in a nursing home.
And you're cursing your vision but as curses go,
It's better to have loved and lost than hurt and broke
south. With a mind for the present,
Only see the future coz the past is a dead one.
And evidently, I stand at guard like a sentry,
So bounce to the bath like I'm landed gentry.
Do the once over, til I'm clean and scrubbed,
then hit the cafes - it's a dreamer's club.
Folks sip mochas and float in pairs,
Licking lines with handsigns, but no one cares.

So I'm making space, make my place,
Make a new face when I make the pace
Pick up. Walk like a chasing race.
Coz I gotta catch my dream so I'm making space. x 2

Like Banbara, time to shack up,
Sun is now high, my mind is stacked up,
Running out lines, my bind is rap ruts,
I break a new path while laughers act tough.
Enough. While they step out I let out the beast,
A verse ripper, clip a claptrap rapper to shatter teeth,
And batter beats, tie the matter in deep,
With good oil, the Tesla coil makes you soil your sheets.
From the wattage, I got it, gotta get gone if you wanna,
Ponder the passage I put upon you, practice and put it on the
Page. Or rage quit. This sage spit quiet.
...try it. The daylight makes my head riot.
And I slide with a private thought through,
Jam packed rooms full of loons who talk too
Loud to drown out. I listen and watch
Til the diffidence drops then the listening stops
and I'm...

So I'm making space, make my place,
Make a new face when I make the pace
Pick up. Walk like a chasing race.
Coz I gotta catch my dream so I'm making space. x 2

Like Jimmy McGriff, I watch the worm,
Walk clear fluid then I take my turn,
Sitting still stiller in a bar while the iller
Cats catch slaps from the girls that all mill a-
bout the place. Face in the mirrors misplaced.
Heave a deep sigh, let the spiritus waste,
Til I feel the beat break, take my hat,
Step into the street, put the wind to my back.
Pull my coat tight and I walk the night.
Look a lot like a stalker, right?
But the beat keeps bouncing in my brainspace,
And folks that pass are dark shadows and nameless.
Looking for some peace and quiet,
The beast inside died now I'm feeling tired.
With my hands in my pockets, my stance whispers stop it,
At the bus stand, dance thoughts around the topic.
I'm headed home with a poem and notepad.
I wrote that. Now the day is so black.


from Making Space, released October 31, 2012
Produced by
Written and performed by FG
Melodic keys played by FG



all rights reserved


FG Perth, Australia

FG is a Perth-based, Melbourne-born producer and emcee. In the past he has produced and rapped on a number of albums with the likes of The Funkoars, Muphin, Draino, Terra Firma and Crixus. He can usually be found haunting dusty old record shops muttering "Need more breaks. Need more breaks."

FG is one of a few people to be featured on both seminal oz hip hop releases, Culture of Kings 1 and 2.
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